July 8, 2012

James Tissot, Jesus in the Synagogue, Brooklyn Museum, 1886-94

On the sabbath he began to teach in the synagogue, and many who heard him were astounded [NRSV, Mark 6:2a].

The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost [Comments]

10:00 am Choral Eucharist
The Cathedral Singers

Prelude:  “You call us, Lord, to be” (Rhosymedre) [Olson: YouTube] Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)

Mass Setting: Missa Brevis, Claudio Casciolini (1697-760)

Introit: Regina caeli [text/listen] Francesco Soriano  (1549-1621)

Motet: Salve Regina [text] [listen], Francesco Soriano

Postlude: Toccata (St. David's Day) [Murray: listen], Ralph Vaughan Williams

4:00 pm Evensong
The Cathedral Singers

(For live streaming via Radio Ville Marie, click here)

Prelude: Te lucis ante terminum from Le Tombeau de Titelouze [YouTube], Marcel Dupré (1886-1971)

Exaltabo te [text] [Hendrix: YouTube], Orlande de Lassus (1530/32-94)

Preces and Responses:

Psalm: 112, 113 (Tones 7.5, 5.2)

Sexti Toni,  Orlande de Lassus

Nunc dimittis:  Tone 3.1, fauxbourdons Healey Willan (1880-1968) 

Anthem: Super flumina Babylonis [text] [Neskovic: YouTube], Orlande de Lassus

Jam sol recedit igneus, Flor Peeters (1903-86)