July 19, 2009

Marc Chagall, King David, 1956

I will be a father to him, and he shall be a son to me. (NRSV, 2 Samuel 7:14a).

10:00 am Choral Eucharist
The Cathedral Singers

Prelude: Chanty from Plymouth Suite [Bate: listen], Percy Whitlock (1903-46)

Introit: Esto mihi [text] [Schola Cantorum Budapestiensis: NML] (info), Tone 4

Mass Setting: Missa VIII de Angelis [Schola Gregoriana Mediolanensis: YouTube], Plainsong 15th cent.

Motet: Tu es Deus [text] [Schola Cantorum Budapestiensis: NML] (info), Tone 3

Postlude: Toccata from Plymouth Suite [Bate: listen], Percy Whitlock

4:00 pm Evensong
The Cathedral Singers

Prelude: Siciliano for a High Ceremony [Hunt: NML] (info), Herbert Howells (1892-1983)

Introit: Exaltabo te, Domine [text] [Christ Church Oxford: listen], Orlande de Lassus (1532-94)

Preces and Responses: Plainsong

Psalm: 137, (Tone 2.1)

Magnificat: Octavi Toni [Capella Sancti Michaelis: listen],
Orlande de Lassus

Nunc Dimittis: Tone 3.1

Anthem: Super flumina Babylonis [text] [YouTube], Orlande de Lassus

Postlude: Fugue in b, Francis Jackson
(b. 1917)