June 8, 2014

Albrecht Dürer, Descent of the Holy Spirit, British Museum, London, 1511

When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place [NRSV, Acts 2:1].

Pentecost [Comments] [Choir Notes]
10:00 am Choral Eucharist
The Cathedral Singers

Setting: Missa Brevis, Richard Rodney Bennett (b. 1936)

Introit: Factus est repente [text / listen]; Gregor Aichinger

Motet: Repleti sunt omnes [text], Juan Esquivel (1560-1625)

Postlude: Les yeux dans les roues (Livre d’Orgue) [Composer himself: musicMe], Olivier Messiaen (1908-92)

12h45 Eucharistie chantée
Le Quatuor des chanteurs de la cathédrale

Ordinaire : Missa de Beata VirgineGregor Aichinger (1564-1628)
Introït : Factus est repente  [texte / écoutez], Gregor Aichinger

Motet : Repleti sunt omnes [texte], Juan Esquivel (1560-1625)

Postlude : Komm, heiliger Geist, BWV 652 [Kibbie : écoutez], Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

4:00 pm Evensong
The Cathedral Singers
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Prelude: Chorale [Drury: BNQ; BM] (info), Francis Jackson (b. 1917)

Introit: Holy Spirit, Truth Divine [text] [Redeemer: YouTube], Andrew Carter (b. 1939) 

Preces and Responses: Francis Jackson

Psalm: 104, part 2 (Samuel Wesley)

Canticles: Service in G, Francis Jackson

Anthem: Come, Holy Spirit [text] [Toronto: BNQ]; BM] (info) Ruth Watson Henderson (b. 1932) 

Postlude: Toccata in b
[Drury: BNQ; BM] (info), Francis Jackson