February 21, 2016

Gérard Jollain, Christ lamenting Jerusalem, engraving, c. 1670

How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing [NRSV, Luke 13:34b]!

10:00 am Choral Eucharist
The Cathedral Singers

Prelude: Sehr langsam from Organ Sonata 1 [Hurford: musicMe], Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
Setting: Missa Silvestris, Elizabeth Ekholm (b. 1954)

Introit: Blessed are the pure in heart [Redeemer: text/YouTube],
H. Walford Davies (1869-1941)
Motet: Super flumina Babylonis [text] [YouTube], Orlande de Lassus (1530/32-94)
Postlude: Phantasie from Sonata No. 1 [Biggs: YouTube], Paul Hindemith

12h45 Eucharistie chantée
Le Quatuor des chanteurs de la cathédrale

Prélude : Miserere 1 [MB 66] [midi MB 66,67 : listen], William Byrd (1539/40-1623)

Ordinaire : Missa Brevis, Claudio Casciolini (1697-1760)

Introït : Benedicite, gentes [texte], Orlande de Lassus (1532-1594)

Motet : Domine in auxilium [texte], Orlande de Lassus

Postlude : Miserere 2 [MB 67] [MB 67 : MusicMe] [midi MB 66,67 : listen], William Byrd

4:00 pm Evensong
The Cathedral Singers
(For live streaming via Radio Ville Marie, click here)

Prelude: Preludio "Sine nomine" from Six Pieces for Organ [Barber: YouTube],  Herbert Howells (1892-1983)

Introit: The Secret of Christ [text] [Hyde Park: YouTube], Richard Shephard (b. 1949)

Preces and Responses: Herbert Sumsion (1899-1995)

Psalm: 39, James Turle

Magnificat: Service in G [Richford: YouTube], Herbert Sumsion

Nunc dimittis: Service in G [Rhoden Girls: YouTube], Herbert Sumsion

Anthem: O Lord, the maker of all thing [text] [Canzona: YouTube], John Joubert (b. 1927)

Postlude:  Psalm Prelude, Set 2, No. 2: The meek-spirited shall inherit the earth, Herbert Howells