January 7, 2018

L'Oasis Musicale:
Concerts at the Cathedral
and at St George's

Patrick Wedd plays
Bach at the  Cathedral:
1st Saturday of the month,
January to June, at 4:30 pm

Sassetta, Adoration of the Magi, Chigi-Saracini Collection (Monte dei Paschi),
Siena, c. 1435

On entering the house,
they saw the child with Mary his mother;
and they knelt down and paid him homage.
Then, opening their treasure chests,
they offered him gifts of gold, frankincense,
and myrrh [NRSV, Matthew 2:11]


10:00 am Choral Eucharist
The Cathedral Singers

Prelude: “How bright appears the morning star,”
BWV 764 [listen],
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)                      
Setting: Missa brevis 4, Healey Willan(1880-1968)  

Introit: “How bright appears the morning star,”
[text][YouTube], Philipp Nicolai (1556-1608)   
Motet: Eastern Monarchs [text],
Peter Naylor (1933-2017)
Postlude: “How bright appears the morning star,”
[YouTube], Joseph Ahrens (1904-97)

12h45 Eucharistie chantée
Le Quatuor des chanteurs de la cathédrale

Prélude :    « Ô Christ, étoile du matin,  »
James Woodman (né en 1957)
Ordinaire :  Missa in nativitate,

Introït :  Ô Christ, étoile du matin,
Philipp Nicolai (1556-1608)   

Motet :  Magi videntes stellam [texte] [YouTube],
Clemens non Papa  (1510-58)

Postlude :  « Ô Christ, étoile du matin,  »  
James Woodman

Edward Burne-Jones design, Epiphany Tapestry, Exeter College Chapel, Oxford, 1890

4:00 pm Music and Readings
for Epiphany
The Cathedral Singers
(For live streaming of the initial hour
via Radio Ville Marie, click here)

Prelude: Wie schon leuchtet der Morgenstern,
BuxWV 223 [musicMe],
Dietrich Buxtehude(1637-1707)

Das Wort ward Fleisch [text] [YouTube]
Andreas Hammerschmidt (1612-75)  

Eastern Monarchs [text],
Peter Naylor (1933-2017)

A Poor Place [text], Patrick Wedd  (b. 1948)

Christus est stella [text] [BNQ] (info),
Richard Proulx (b. 1937)

Christus est stella [text] [BNQ] (info),
Will Todd (b. 1970)

Tribus miraculis [text/listen],
Luca Marenzio (1553-99)

Now may we singen [text]  [YouTube],
Cecilia McDowall (b. 1951)

Postlude: Carillon on “Orientis Partibus”
[YouTube], Arthur Wills (b. 1926)